Paula Collarte is changing the way locals are buying clothes. With an extensive background in retail, Paula can’t help but love to shop; it comes natural. “When I was 17, I picked up an after-school job at Intermix. I was drawn to the multi-retail store concept and loved how I could mix and match different brands. Today, I try to mimic a similar concept to help my clients deal with the abundance of options that are out there.” Paula’s idea of shopping allows her clients to shop all of Miami in the comfort of their own home and she shops smart. “I keep it PERSONAL with my clients, I know their lifestyle, I know what looks good on them & I pay attention to that. I tour around shops in Miami and I handpick every item with a purpose. I might pick up two items from one store and 3 items from another and bring it into the comfort of their own living room. I teach them how to mix and match with the pieces they already own.” Everything is taken out on consignment so there is no commitment and you can try it all on before pulling the plug. Paula works with every one of your favorite stores in Miami, even if you don’t know it yet.


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